The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 10: Driffield to Bridlington

Today's walk has two problems. Rural pubs are becoming gastro-pubs and are sometimes closed Monday lunchtime after a busy weekend. The second problem is the scarcity of public footpaths between Driffield and Bridlington. The first problem has been solved by finding a cafe at a stately home that serves a small range of snack meals, some excellent home-made cakes and locally brewed bottled beer. We can sit inside if it is raining and if it isn't there are plenty of seats and tables outside. The manager is quite relaxed about us eating our packed lunches but you must each buy at least one drink; tea, coffee, soft drink or a bottle of beer. The scarcity of footpaths means we must use more roads and pavements than we would wish. One is the Roman road to Bridlington . It is straight and you can imagine the Roman legionnaires marching along it to northern Britain and Hadrian's Wall. Terrain is mainly flattish. If the weather is bad you will bless the mud free route of country lanes and the Roman road!

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 10

All Saints Driffield main church where many of us slept hbuxton

Jack sleeping in nice socks hbuxton

Pilgrimage life John Chenery

Fr Tony with the parish clergy in Our Lady and St Edward Julia Lidster

Mass with the parish of Our Lady and St Edward, Driffield John Chenery

Coffee after mass in the parish hall John Chenery

Group Photo outside Our Lady and St Edward church hall Julia Lidster

2 Driffield churches. Tower of All Saints to the left of Our Lady and St Edward John Chenery

The front markers have tea at All Saints Nafferton hbuxton

All Saints Nafferton hbuxton

All Saints, Nafferton, ringing its bells to welcome us. John Chenery

All Saints Nafferton gave us coffee too John Chenery

Fr Tony talked about the role of St Hilda at the Synod of Whitby. John Chenery

Leaving All Saints, Nafferton John Chenery

Harvest time John Chenery

French Marigolds At Lowthorpe

DIY Prayers, St Martin, Lowthorpe John Chenery

St Martin, Lowthorpe John Chenery

The end bit of the church needs some repairs John Chenery

An interesting caterpillar being moved out of harm's way John Chenery

St John of Beverley Harpham hbuxton

Approaching St John of Beverley, Harpham. John Chenery

One of the cattle is a bull. Louise

Michael speaks of the ecumenical struggle and our role in it. John Chenery

Leaving St John of Beverley, Harpham John Chenery

The pilgrim line heads for Burton Agnes and lunch. John Chenery

Front markers at lunch at Burton Agnes Hall cafe hbuxton

John Chenery

Lunch, Burton Agnes Hall Cafe John Chenery

A comprehensive selection of beers from the Wold Top Brewery, the entrance to whose drive we would be passing 2 days later. John Chenery

so to St Martin, Burton Agnes John Chenery

In St Martin's, next to Burton Agnes Hall John Chenery

Gill compared St Hilda to the founder of overseas disabled charity CBM John Chenery

Distant view of the sea. John Chenery

uphill, getting more Wold-ish John Chenery

coming towards the end of a very long Roman Road into Bridlington. Ahead of schedule! John Chenery

Nice view across to Bridlington Priory John Chenery

The Marlow Family from Huddersfield on our way to Bridlington

Arrived at Emmanuel Church, Bridlington John Chenery