DABEWP Old Way Pilgrimage 2021 Southampton-Rye

Welcome to the 2021 alternative to our usual pilgrimage!

These pages now contain the latest plans for our 2021 day walks on the Old Way route.

Day Walks on the Old Way

2021 Resources

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Prayers for the Journey

Route files in GPS Exchange (.gpx) format, which can be opened in mapping software like Anquet, Memory Map or Google Earth, or downloaded to your handheld GPS, are available on the page for each walking day.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 0

What I feel like when going route planning in the rain [via Dear Diary] Aidan Simons

Pre-lunch church stop on Day 2 [via direct upload] TestMaster

Oh for some of this on the Old Way TestMaster

@Pilgrimage2012 late, late route planning John Chenery

testing Aidan Simons

looking forwards.... Aidan Simons

but alas the Golden Lion is shut on Mondays and that is when we will be there. John Chenery

Day 8 route planning Danny Thomas

Hope it's drier on Sunday than it was when I planned A&B Pilgrimages