Winchester 2005 : The Holy Spirit'The Spirit of God, descending like a dove'

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This year's cross:

This diary tells the story, pretty much as it happened, of our 2005 pilgrimage from Canterbury to Winchester. It was put together ‘live’ - each day's page usually being written that evening or, if time did not allow, the next day. It represents our pilgrimage as we experienced it at the time.

During the two weeks of our walk, our live diary had a large following: from pilgrims' families, friends and parishes; from those who would have liked but were unable to join with us this year; as well as from others unknown to us. Thank you to all you e-pilgrims, who joined with us in spirit through the Internet, followed us each day and sent us your messages of support and requests for prayer - all of which were added to our prayer intention box, which was offered at our Celebration Mass in Winchester.

This diary will now remain here indefinitely, as a reminder to all of us of our pilgrimage and, perhaps, to give an insight into modern pilgrim life which may entice others to join us in the years to come.

Feel free to print pictures for personal use as desired, but bear in mind that photos have been downsized for display and may not print too well. You can now order ‘real’ photo prints of this year's pictures via online photo-sharing service ICD Photos. Use the ‘Order Prints’ button, which appears at the top and bottom of each page. The appropriate ICD Photos album will open in a new window.

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Diary Index


DAY 1: Saturday 13 August
Journey to Canterbury
and Induction

DAY 2: Sunday 14 August
Canterbury to Wye

DAY 3: Monday 15 August
Wye to Detling

DAY 4: Tuesday 16 August
Detling to Rochester

DAY 5: Wednesday 17 August
Rest Day in Rochester

DAY 6: Thursday 18 August
Rochester to Kemsing

DAY 7: Friday 19 August
Kemsing to Caterham

DAY 8: Saturday 20 August
Caterham to Dorking

DAY 9: Sunday 21 August
Dorking to Guildford

DAY 10: Monday 22 August
Rest Day in Guildford

DAY 11: Tuesday 23 August
Guildford to Farnham

DAY 12: Wednesday 24 August
Farnham to Alton

DAY 13: Thursday 25 August
Alton to Alresford

DAY 14: Friday 26 August
Alresford to Winchester

DAY 15: Saturday 27 August
Celebration Day in Winchester

DAY 16: Sunday 28 August
Journey Home




4-6 November
Reunion in Wye, Kent


PILGRIMS LIVE 2005 | TEXT Stephen Smith, Aidan Simons, Mark Yeomans, Jonny Gamble, Mike Gamble, Kevin Parry. PHOTOS Stephen Smith, Aidan Simons, John Chenery, Howard Buxton, Mike Gamble, Bridget Simons.

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Day 1: Journey to Canterbury and Induction Day 2: Canterbury to Wye Day 3: Wye to Detling Day 4: Detling to Rochester Day 5: Rest day in Rochester Day 6: Rochester to Kemsing Day 7: Kemsing to Caterham Day 8: Caterham to Dorking Day 9: Dorking to Guildford Day 10: Rest Day in Guildford Day 11: Guildford to Farnham Day 12: Farnham to Alton Day 13: Alton to Alresford Day 14: Alresford to Winchester Day 15: Celebration Day in Winchester Day 16: Journey Home Click on a boxed place name to go to a non-walking day diary Click on a red route line to go to a walking day diary