The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2018

Day 7: West Lulworth to Dorchester

This morning's walk offers stunning views of the Jurassic coast and across to Weymouth and Portland. To get those views you have to work, with ascent-decent on repeat. Pick a steady pace and enjoy the views. St Catherine-by-the-Sea has the graveyard with the best view ever! After lunch we turn inland, with a long climb after Osmington up White Horse Hill, then rolling countryside into Dorchester.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 7

Early morning hall scene. nor2747

John caught taking a photo of the church (John is responsible for the majority of pictures in this diary). Simons, Aidan

That would be this picture. John Chenery

Holy Trinity, West Lulworth awaits us Aidan Simons

"Laudato Sii" ... and it looks like Deirdre is lining up a picture ... John Chenery

Music for Mass at West Lulworth Deirdre

Front Markers climbing from Lulworth Cove Aidan Simons

The view ahead - with the Isle of Portland on the skyline Aidan Simons

Meanwhile as the frontmarkers stride ahead, my fellow backmarkers Louise, Clare and Malcolm have made it back from the church to West Lulworth Village Hall. Soon we caught up with pilgrims pausing for coffee in the village. John Chenery

The view back makes the climbing worthwhile Aidan Simons

Lulworth Cove Maurice Hickman

Cliff View near Lulworth. Maurice Hickman

10 mins from bottom to top Jim Brodie

Another look back. Are they following us or are we superfast front markers? Aidan Simons

Great walls of chalk rising from the sea Aidan Simons

Raven on south coast cliff. Geoffrey Simmins

The backmarkers make the epic climb away from Lulworth Cove John Chenery

Deirdre at Durdle Door. Maurice Hickman

Catherine and Deirdre at Durdle Door. Maurice Hickman

En route to Dorchester 7th day: the most fantastic day Sarah Style

Leslie Winiarski Durdle Door Arch (not Dumbledore) in the morning sun PolishPilgrims

Climbing away from Durdle Door Lawrence Doyle

Lawrence Doyle

The epic climb from Durdle Door to Swire Head - 2018 edition ( (see the 1996 diary)) John Chenery

Lawrence Doyle

Lawrence Doyle

Leslie Winiarski Nick's contemplating the view PolishPilgrims

Lawrence Doyle

Top of the third epic climb (so far) John Chenery

What is to come (This is the view from where Nick was standing.) John Chenery

Cliff Scene. Maurice Hickman

Looking forward to lunch at the Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills. Maurice Hickman

another forward view John Chenery

Waiting for the stragglers to arrive, to start outdoor prayers as St Catherine's, Holworth nor2747

Pilgrims leaving surprise outdoor prayer stop at St Catherine's, Holworth John Chenery

St Catherine's from the road. John Chenery

Fr Tony lunching at the Smugglers' Inn Lawrence Doyle

Lawrence Doyle

Lawrence Doyle

Frontmarkers Bridget, Aidan and Geoffrey flanked by Clare and Deirdre outside the lunch stop John Chenery

The Smugglers Inn is in a sheltered spot John Chenery

Front Marker's perspective of the Osmington White Horse (picturing King George III, cut in 1808) Aidan Simons

St Osmund Church, Osmington Bernie Magee

The ladies in St Osmund, Osmington gave us tea and cake. John Chenery

The Osmington White Horse: backmarkers' perspective. John Chenery

Bruce, Howard and Hazel serving our dessert John Chenery

Pilgrims discussing next year's route are looking at maps of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire... John Chenery