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Each summer (since 1975) the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton organises an ecumenical walk to a place, shrine or area exploring a particular theme or aspect of our faith and Christian heritage. What we rediscover, year after year, is the amazing personal and community value of going on a pilgrimage as our medieval forebears did, where the journey, walking, laughing, sharing, praying, singing, etc. is as important as the destination. We stop at a pub for lunch and sleep on the floors of church, school or community halls. We try to walk on footpaths not roads.


Our pilgrimages are open to all, so long as you are able to walk about 15 miles per day and sleep on a floor.


Our Pilgrimage in 2018

In 2018 we walked from Salisbury to Buckfast Abbey in Devon, celebrating 1000 years since the foundation of an Abbey at Buckfast.

Visit the 2018 diary pages to relive the experience.

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