Looking Back on the St Thomas Way Pilgrimage

Since the completion of the pilgrimage, Aidan and I have tidied up the web diary and added some more photos so it is worth another look:


Thanks go to all those who contributed words and pictures.

Apologies for the earlier version of this post sent out with an incorrect link pointing to the 2021 web diary.

One thought on “Looking Back on the St Thomas Way Pilgrimage”

  1. Thrilling yesterday an envelope with a lovely get well card signed by 24 walkers and crew.
    Really appreciate the comments and prayers.
    Since last week a dog attacked me and large wound on left leg. Means weeks 2 daily dressings. Can’t walk much as leg up.
    Whipple op seems to have gone well. My 3rd dog bite in 6 years. Waste if space dogs.

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