The Way of Our Lady of Consolation

It has taken a while, but the Catholic dioceses of England and Wales are finally catching up with what we started in Arundel and Brighton back in 1975! . The Hearts in Search of God pilgrim ways project has been set up to promote walking pilgrimages in all the dioceses. The person in charge of this project is Phil McCarthy who walked with us on the first 2 days of our pilgrimage from Bristol to Arundel this year. He is developing a pilgrimage route in every diocese.

His route in Arundel and Brighton goes from Arundel Cathedral to the shrine of Our Lady of Consolation at West Grinstead (very similar to the “Mercy Pilgrimage” route we did in May 2016). The route is called the “Way of Our Lady of Consolation” and is ready for anybody to walk it as a self-guided 2 day pilgrimage. There is a gpx file to download. Its web page is here: Do look at that page and browse the rest of that website to find out more, for example did you know that 2025 is Holy Year with the theme, chosen by Pope Francis, of “Pilgrims of Hope”?

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  1. What absolutely wonderful news that is and so exciting to hear. Well done to the whole of the family of ‘the pilgrims’ – for your dedication in keeping this great organisation and tradition alive and kicking! I bet dear Bill Haines RIP will be thrilled as well!

  2. Thanks John. The Hearts in Search of God pilgrim ways project isn’t an official Bishops’ Conference project, although individual bishops and Conference officers have been very supportive. But it was inspired by Pilgrims Live and initiatives in a few other dioceses. It was great to walk with the group this summer from Bristol to Devises! All good wishes Phil

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Phil. I have corrected the post now so it longer says it is an official Bishops’ Conference project.

  4. Hi. The link doesnt work. Is route popular all the time and is there places to stop off along the way ? Is it suitable for lone walkers or a group?

    1. Hi Gemma

      I have fixed the link. At some point they had changed the name of that web page to remove the hyphens. I don’t have any information beyond what you can find on that page, but I will say that you won’t find there are people walking along it all the time.

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