Free Video Rental : “To Be A Pilgrim: The Canterbury Way”

Pilgrims! If you access the link below before the end of New Year’s Eve, you can rent a video for free:

This film follows Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Nicholas Schofield as they journey from London to Canterbury. Along the way they discover the story of St Thomas a Becket and some fascinating traditions: the Rood of Boxley, the splendour of Rochester, the ‘second Carmel’ at Aylesford and many more.

By retracing the steps of the medieval pilgrims, this film draws out the rich Christian heritage of England and reflects on what it means ‘To Be A Pilgrim’.

Thanks to Lesley Brennan for bringing this to our attention.

One thought on “Free Video Rental : “To Be A Pilgrim: The Canterbury Way””

  1. This is a very good video with amazing detail presented in a very interesting way -including the odd visit to places not easily accessed along the way. Perfect for New Year viewing and inspiring as we look to better times when we can do it too.

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