Sunday 24 September 2023 at 14.00 BST

Join Zoom Meeting – If you have not already received a Zoom invite by email or minutes, send an email here to the coordinator – no later than 23 September please:

1. Apologies
2. Minute Taker volunteer for the AGM
3. Acceptance of Minutes of the 25th September 2022 AGM (sent 14 January 2022)
4. Coordinator’s address for the 2023 Pilgrimage
5. Pilgrims’ review of The Bristol to Arundel Pilgrimage 2023 (How did we do, +/-?).
– Routes & Timings
– Induction Service & Arrival/Celebration Day and Prayer Stops
– Service for Deceased Pilgrims
– Anything else
6. Treasurer’s Report, 2023 Accounts
7. Election of Officers & changes for 2023-2024 (from the list identified at the 2018 AGM, officers have year-round tasks and would be expected to attend all meetings):
– Coordinator (*** The new Coordinator may then chair the remaining meeting)
– Deputy Coordinator
– Chief Route Planner
– Chaplains
– Bookings Secretary
– Treasurer
– Communication & PR
– Medical
– Minute Secretary
– Safeguarding
8. Progress on Pilgrimage Routes & Theme for 10-25 August 2024 (save the date)
9. Important Support Team functions, and names noted (also noted at the 2018 AGM, essential for the efficient organisation of the pilgrimage each year, but not expected to attend all meetings).
– Accommodation teams
– Catering / cooks van driver
– Church Liaison
– Drinks Car
– Luggage Van Drivers
– Housekeeper (aka Quartermaster) – Equipment & Storage requires new location in 2024)
– Ecumenical Liaison
– Other roles to bear in mind and fill according to perceived need and availability: Fire Safety and Security / Alternative transport / Prayer stops co-ordinator / Theme team / Webmaster / Cross Design
10. Progress on possible Reunion 2023
11. Any Other Business
12. Meeting Dates 2024 for your diary: suggested 14/1, 21/4, 23/6 and the AGM on 22/9 (corrected). Invitation is open to all pilgrims. ‘We are one team, one committee’.

3 thoughts on “ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  2023”

  1. Many thanks, David, for the very successful organisation of our beautiful pilgrimage from Bristol to Arundel. I enjoyed our pilgrimage very much – just like my 4 previous ones. I didn’t have to worry about where to go and sleep and what to eat. Everything was very well organised. Many thanks also to the support team. Every day was different and uniquely beautiful. Like a ruminant, I still digest my experiences to enjoy them again. There was enough room for pause and self-reflection. Many thanks to all participants for everything I was able to experience with you. I would like to participate again next year.

  2. Norbert, Thanks for your kind comments shared with our volunteer team. You are always very welcome and we look forward to our walking together next time.

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