the ‘Old way’ Pilgrimage 14-29 August 2021

Hi Everyone

I just thought I would let you know that John has been very busy going over the ‘Old Way’ route to plan our walking days for this August. We will be discussing the route this afternoon and working out the logistics and more of the detail.

We plan to start from Southampton and walk probably as far as Battle. The remainder of the route to Canterbury we plan to complete on another occasion.

Each day will start and finish with prayers and we are looking for walk leaders to recce and lead each day. Please contact John if you would like to do this.

There will be a registration form to complete and a small fee of £5 per day, £20 for one week or £30 for the two weeks.

As already mentioned each Pilgrim will have to arrange their own accommodation and travel. Some are staying with friends and family, some B&Bs or camping and some are doing day trips. For those driving each day we hope to arrange that some cars will be parked at the end of the route and some at the beginning so that pilgrims can be ferried back to the beginning at the end of the day to collect cars or to be dropped off at stations.  Masks are to be worn in cars and we will ask everyone to take a lateral flow test before the first day of walking and then probably every three days.   There are plenty of stations, buses and taxis along the route and of course pub and cafe stops will be planned.

I do hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us. For those who feel it is too far to travel please let me know if you are able to get together with others to organise your own walks.

We will confirm the walk details and issue the route as soon as possible so that Pilgrims can plan their accommodation and travel.

God Bless



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