The St Thomas Way Pilgrimage 2020

Dates: Saturday August 15th to Sunday August 30th 2020
Strapline: Walking in a spirit of thankfulness
Route: SWANSEA-Port Talbot-St Brides Major-St Athan-CARDIFF (rest day)-Caerphilly-Newport-Usk-ABERGAVENNY (rest day)-Longtown-Ewyas Harold-HEREFORD

See the St Thomas Way Website  for an explanation of why our strapline is appropriate.  We wil be passing through all the places listed on that website.  The St Thomas Way was not originally envisaged as a continuous walking route but we are making it into one!

Poster and Application Form coming soon!

4 thoughts on “The St Thomas Way Pilgrimage 2020”

  1. Have you ever thought of making every other day a rest day John?
    Unfit people like me would be more inclined to join you.
    Please keep up the good work and ignore this old fool.
    God bless all.

    1. The distances have come down over the years Harry, to the chagrin of some who now say it’s not enough of a challenge, so it works both ways. Although there is a general expectation that pilgrims come to walk, there have always been some who take public transport from time to time – because of injury or to avoid the longer days – so you could do an alternate-days pilgrimage!

  2. I have been looking at St Thomas’s Way on its website and gathered historical information about politics and church matters in his time.
    I am also looking at biblical stories about people going on a journey and their reasons.
    I am trying to link that with stories of people that are on the road nowadays, refugees/asylumseekers/migrants/foreign workers – enough to have material to think about during prayer stops.
    Any pilgrims willing to think with me on this?

    1. Hi Tineke
      This sounds great. Yes there is a lot of material for your ‘Journeys’ theme. Abergavenny is a ‘Town of Sanctuary’ which has a vibrant refugee programme. Also many of the places we are staying organise meals for people who are homeless. I will email any further thoughts I have in a few days.
      Best wishes.

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