Arundel Pilgrimage Information

With just two weeks until our 2015 pilgrimage starts, here are links to the key information.

Latest Newsletter with an introduction to the Arundel Pilgrimage, a report on the Festival 50 Pilgrimage and more news and information.

The Route Cards with details and timings for each day – should be carried with you at all times on the pilgrimage (laser printed versions available on arrival)

Come And Join Us For A Day (CAJUFAD) – the summary details of each day for those who want to drop in, or follow our progress.

Equipment List with the things you need to bring with you and recommendations for preparations.

Pilgrim Code – a guide to how the pilgrimage works, for new pilgrims and refresher for old hands.

Medical Form – participants should have received this, and MUST complete it and bring it along when they join the pilgrimage.

We’ll get the diary pages set up before the pilgrimage starts, with GPX files of the routes for those who have a GPS device (or want to see the route in mapping software).

10 thoughts on “Arundel Pilgrimage Information”

  1. I can’t find any reference to the name and address list on the website.I know there was a previous reference to names and addresses of Pilgrims taking part being removed from the list if requested, but is there no list available at all now?
    I have always found this list extremely useful/helpful, and hope it has not been discontinued!

    1. Chris – we can’t post the address list on the website! It will be available on arrival, or ask Clare if you need details beforehand.

      1. It is useful for participants to get it beforehand though so they can plan travel together. Last year it was sent as an attachment to an email addressed to all participants.

    1. “The Arundel Pilgrimage, a walk through time” ?? We’ll get an updated version loaded soon, but despite one date being wrong the rest is current!

  2. Amended versions of the Route Cards and cajufad were posted by “Aidmin” earlier today. The change is to day 14, where the route has changed to call in additionally at the church in Sullington. We still haven’t corrected the “2010” in the heading of CAJUFAD, which I have only just been made aware of by reading the other comments. Well, to err is human …

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