Father David’s 80th Birthday

Father David Russell has been our pilgrimage chaplain since 2000, having first walked with us back in 1979. Over the years he has become a non-walking member of our community whilst continuing to minister to our spiritual needs.

This year David turns 80, and we are holding a little party to mark the event on Saturday 21st January 2017.

The evening will begin with mass at 6.30 at St George’s RC church in Hangleton, Hove, Court Farm Rd and will be followed by refreshments in the church hall.People attending can if they wish stay overnight in the church hall.The January committee meeting which had been scheduled for Sunday 15/01/2017 will now take place in the morning of Sunday 22/01/2017-exact time to be advised  but problably from 9.00am.

8 thoughts on “Father David’s 80th Birthday”

  1. I shall be going to a conference at DABCEC in Crawley on the Saturday 21st and I will get to Brighton station just after 1700hrs. Is there a convenient bus to get from there to the church at Hollington?

  2. I presume the party is on Saturday21st Jan 2017. Is there a collection for him? What about food and who to reply to if we are coming?
    Carol Pritchard(McMahon)

  3. I looked up the times of the trains from Crawley and found that there are engineering works and there is a bus service from Brighton station to Hove so I shall be getting a bus from Brighton station anyway! The fare apparently is the same from Crawley to Hove as it is from Crawley to Brighton.

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