Walking a Prayer of Peace

As a Pilgrimage Committee we have been increasingly horrified by the continuing violence in the Middle East and the desperation of so many people fleeing their homes as a result of the ongoing conflict.

It has seemed difficult to organise next year’s pilgrimage without acknowledging the thousands of people that are on the move daily (in the way that we are on pilgrimage) but do so because they are in danger and have to, rather than seeking an experience of pilgrimage, as we are.

In response, this year we have decided to offer our 2016 pilgrimage as a prayer of solidarity and support for those people suffering the effects of conflict or fleeing persecution, praying that the world may become a fairer, safer, and more peaceful place.


A&B Prayer for Refugees

LORD GOD, throughout history you have
heard the cries of your people.
Through our failures, millions of refugees
are calling for your help now. Our world is
broken, your people fractured and divided,
creating war, violence, fear, homelessness,
insecurity and desperation.
Lord, you call us to care for our neighbours,
help us to remember that we are one family
gathered in your Son. We pray that we may
hear your voice and discern your wisdom in
our hearts.
May we listen and hear their pleas and needs
within our hearts, so that we may answer
your call to help. Let us use the gifts you
have given us, in the way that you and they
We pray for your courage and strength, that
we may work beyond offences we may have
caused, and our own and others fears. Help us
to bring understanding, peace and reconciliation
within our communities.
We make this prayer in the knowledge of
your limitless Love and Mercy, in faith and
trust in you.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

One thought on “Walking a Prayer of Peace”

  1. Thank you Cheri. I do believe in the power of prayer, but Ineed people like you and so many others who pray to give my prayer strength.

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