And they’re off!

Our 2017 Pilgrimage is underway and you can follow progress at

Feel free to send messages of encouragement through the “mail the pilgrims” or “contact the pilgrims” links.


6 thoughts on “And they’re off!”

  1. Pob iwc a daith ddiogel.
    A prayer for all pilgrims who make a long journey into the unknown today. May they arrive, understanding more and with hope in their hearts.

  2. Hi Pilgrims, All the best for your walk this year , I will be following your progress each day. Cheers Nev.

  3. Pilgrims please keep Cardinal Cormac in your prayers, he is close to death.
    A&B Pilgrims of old had many contact with the Cardinal when he was their Bishop.

    1. The news was given out at the forces cathedral on Sunday so prayers were made for him there also.

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