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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all managing to stay well and safe during these strange times and have managed to get out on some walks in the lovely sunny weather we have had for most of the Summer. 

It is extremely disappointing that we have not been able to meet up for our Saint Thomas Pilgrimage.  By now we would have been in Abergavenny for our rest day having walked through the beautiful Welsh countryside, towns and villages from Swansea to Margam, Elwenny, Llancarfan, Cardiff, Caerphilly, Newport and Usk.  Then on to Longtown, Ewyas Harold and Hereford.  We have not missed out completely as your Committee have provionally rebooked the entire St Thomas Pilgrimage for Saturday 14th – Sunday 29th August 2021.   The communities we would have been visiting this year were, like us, very disappointed but are looking forward to welcoming us next year. 

In the meantime, we have our AGM on Sunday 20th September 2020.  This will be an online Zoom meeting and I do hope that as many of you as possible will be able to log in and join us.  Further details of how to log in together with the Agenda and the 2019 Minutes will follow.

Your Committee would also like to organise a day walk to take place on a Saturday at the end of September or beginning of October in the Dorking area with a service for deceased pilgrims at St Joseph’s Catholic Church.  It is hoped that those who would not be able to attend could join the service via Zoom.  The walk will be organised for 30 pilgrims walking in small, socially distanced groups.  A date and further details will follow.

It would be lovely to hear from you so please do post your comments about how you’ve been fairing and perhaps add a memorable moment from a past pilgrimage.

God Bless.    



7 thoughts on “august 2020 newsletter”

  1. Hi folks,
    Lot’s of wonderful (and cherished) memories of 2017 Pilgrimage to Holywell.
    It is wonderful to hear of another opportunity to walk with companions in Wales.
    Thanks again to the team of people that make this possible.
    Due to Covid-19, I’m learning the Benedictine value of Stability (staying put) first hand, here in Sheridan, Oregon.

    1. I would love to come to Hereford next year.Iwould also like to come on a days walk in September.Memories-Ihave loads including Rockwell on Walsingham 2 and the fantastic views on Lindisfarne 1.But most of all of all the pilgrims I have met

  2. I would be certainly up for a days walk on a Saturday in September.I was seriously considering coming on the pilgrimage this year as I worked in Hereford in the 1980’s and love the city.Ihope to come next year.I have many fond memories of the pilgrimages,being flooded out at Rockwell onWalsingham 2,The fantastic views on Lindisfarne ,1 and being placed in s cattle trough full of water after playing a practical joke on Patrick

  3. Good to have your round-robin, Chris. As I expect you’ve seen/heard via Facebook or other means, Danny Thomas and I have been meeting up over the past 2-3 months for a local walk of 12-15 miles once a fortnight which as been good.

    Best wishes and keep well, everyone!

  4. Dear Chris, thank you very much for your message. Actually today – Saturday 29th August 2020 – would be our end of our pilgrimage to Hereford, but covid 19 spoiled everything. I am missing our reunion and my beloved England this summer. So I decided to visit Wien (Vienna) in Austria instead – the first in my life. And I must admit – Vienna is awsome. The city is an example of wonderful architecture, urban living and culture and arts are everywhere. How could a single city produce so many esteemed classical composers? How did Gustav Klimt draw the inspiration for the incredible painting «The Kiss »? I love the lifestyle of walking everywhere as well as the restfulness of the historic coffee houses. Of course I enjoy the Viennese pastries, but I’m missing a typical English apple crumble pie with custard and whipped cream. Have I to wait for another year for that ?
    Hope you all are doing well. I hope that this situation gets under control soon. Please take good care of your health and the health of others and stay safe. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you all the way. Norbert Muller

    Rae Parlier, nice to hear from you. Please contact me. (

  5. Hi Rae, Gary, Norbert and Mark,
    So lovely to hear from you all and to share your memories and your news.
    The weather this summer has been glorious and I’ve been walking around my local area and the south coast with my sister.
    I hope to see you if possible via Zoom for our AGM this Sunday – see the recent post.
    Best wishes and keep well.

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