POSTPONED – ST THOMAS PILGRIMAGE – 15th-30th august 2020.

Once again it is with considerable regret that owing to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic the decision has been taken to postpone the St Thomas Pilgrimage planned for the 15th – 30th August 2020 walking from Swansea to Hereford.  

The St Thomas Pilgrimage will now take place from the 14th – 29th August 2021.

Your Committee will be rearranging everything already booked and planned for the St Thomas Pilgrimage as well as the May Mini Pilgrimage. We look forward to healthier times and to welcoming you on these Pilgrimages in 2021.

The October Reunion is also doubtful but we will keep you informed.

Please stay safe and well and keep up with that daily exercise.

God Bless.

Chris Nussbaum – Coordinator 

9 thoughts on “POSTPONED – ST THOMAS PILGRIMAGE – 15th-30th august 2020.”

  1. See you all next year, God willing! Thank you for the planning already done. Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  2. Susan and Michael hope to join you next year.

    Good to hear from you Chris

    Love from Susan and Michael xx

  3. Look forward to seeing you next year.

    Best wishes, Chris and we look forward to seeing you.

    Love from Susan and Michael

  4. It’s a shame we can’t have the Pilgrimage this year but wise to cancel now with the uncertainties of planning.

  5. Thanks to pilgrims for the updates. Dismal changing plans are an opportunity to walk with those family members, parents, children, students, parishioners, neighbours, fellow community members, friends, and the faith family to which we belong in other ways following Government Guidance. Our Lord invites us to follow Him each day and serve the sick, sorrowful, fearful and lost. Ask Him to show you Who, Where & How? Fear not for He promised to be with us. God Bless you all

  6. I lost my mother to coved 19 two days ago so your prayers will be appreciated I hope to come on some of the pilgrimage in 2021

    1. Dear Gary

      Michael and I are very sorry to hear of your mother’s passing and we will pray for and think of you.

      With love from

      Susan and Michael

  7. Dear Friends Pilgrims,

    I’ve seen Captain Tom Moore lapsing his garden recently. Not only did it lift my spirits, but I also felt ashamed, as I’m twice younger and often cracking under numerous new demands.

    Capt. Moore’s unassuming attitude remains me of you all. When you face hardship being a pilgrim, you just carry on without grumbling, looking out for the bright side. You have always been the example of great British spirit for me.

    I hope you are all well. We will meet again, we will laugh together again, we will be walking again.

    God bless

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