Tom Jeffers RIP

We learnt yesterday of the death of Tom Jeffers. “Tom died peacefully in hospital on Friday having contracted Covid 19. His advancing dementia and reduced mobility made him vulnerable.

Tom and his wife Jackie first walked with us on the Papal Pilgrimage to Wembley in May 1982, and were integral and inspirational members of the group throughout the 1980s and into the 90s.

Tom, a teacher at Christ’s Hospital near Horsham, was very involved in the music of the pilgrimage, and enthusiastically encouraged the younger pilgrim to get involved.

Tom and Jackie joined the pilgrimage again in 2000 near Bracknell, on our way to Lichfield. Tom was awaiting a hip replacement and unable to walk so cycled from stop to stop. At the redundanct church of All Saints at Shurlock Row, Tom led a memorable prayer stop on the theme of “rebuilding”, ending with a rousing rendition of “God the Builder” (as in “Bob the builder”).

Here are some other photos with Tom…

Arriving in Dover 1990
Front marking
Tom’s guided tour of Oxford 1989
An open air prayer stop, 1988
Van packed! Devizes 1986
Showing Fr Reg the route, 1986.

We send our condolences to Jackie and the family. May Tom rest in peace, I’m sure the angels will be singing in welcome (and if not Tom will get them organised).

16 thoughts on “Tom Jeffers RIP”

  1. I have such fond memories of Tom from my time on the Pilgrimage from 1984 -94.
    He had such a joy and enthusiasm for life. An example to us all.
    My heartfelt sympathies to Jackie and all the family.

  2. Very sad news indeed. I remember Tom for all the gifts that you describe and also for his compassionate caring for pilgrims who were finding things hard going. And Jackie for her foot massaging blessings.

    Rest in Peace Dear Tom.

  3. Very sad to hear about Tom Jeffers. May he Rest in peace and rise in glory. Thinking and praying for Tom, Jackie and all their family xx I have wonderful memories of Tom on many pilgrimages xx

  4. So sad to hear this. Yes, may the choirs of angels etc… I’ve sung it for him.

    Thinking of Jackie. God Bless.

  5. Tom Jeffers, RIP.

    So sad to hear the news – I have many happy memories of the music we made, often under Tom’s brilliant guidance, during organised services and in pubs. We always sounded so much better when Tom coordinated our efforts….!

    Our love and prayers to Jackie and family at this difficult time.

    On a happier note, Lesley and I celebrated our thirtieth anniversary this week – Fr Bill married us in Epsom back in 1990, and many of our pilgrim friends attended. Much love to all the Pilgrim family.

  6. I have many memories of Tom may he rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with Jackie and the rest of the family at this
    time xxx

  7. I have many happy memories of Tom and Jackie. I lead rambles for the Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club , several of whom come on the A & B Pilgrimage. On three of my rambles I stopped for tea at the gardens of their homes, two occasions at Christ’s Hospital and once at Rustington. They provided us with very good tea and cakes for which we donated to their favourite charity. On another occasion on the Birthday Pilgrimage I led the day with the on a very long walk from Redhill to Christ’s Hospital.
    Near the end of this we started running out of arrows and we had to break the arrows up into smaller pieces and write route finding messages on them. Unfortunately several pilgrims managed, one of whom was the then co-ordinator Anthony Leyland Morland who sadly also is no longer with us.

    May Tom rest in peace. I will always have fond memories of him.

  8. Very sad to hear the news about Tom. I also have many memories of him particularly leading our music.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackie and the family.

  9. Jackie
    We haven’t met but Tom was very influential in my life. I was shocked to hear of his death. Tom was my first rugby captain in 1962. It seemed quite strange to me that he should end his teaching days at Christ’s Hospital as that was the venue of my second game for the 1st XY. Oh how I remember Tom playing his guitar on all our away games which helped us greatly on the long journeys to Lewis and Totton – the journeys took hours but were foreshortened by singing lead by Tom and his ever present guitar.
    From the obits I’ve read it seems he became a Catholic. I was a leftfooter at school.
    Hope to meet up some time to reminisce.
    You and Tom will be in our prayers
    My wife, Jan , and I live in waterlooville in Hampshire hope to meet some day to reminisce
    God bless and

  10. Mr Jeffers (Tom, I can’t call you this despite it being 40 years!) was my housemaster at CH. He was a wonderful, inspirational person and I’m so sad to hear he has gone. He always had a smile on his face.

  11. This is Kate, Tom’s elder daughter. Thank you all for your memories and messages. It is lovely to know he was loved and appreciated by so many.

  12. really sorry to hear about toms death
    have such good memories of jackie and tom on pilgrimage
    they where always part of the life and soul of the pilgrimage
    tom was lovely a really inspiring person to be with and i always
    had such good fun him and jackie
    he will be missed
    love to all
    god bless tom

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