Blistering Years Updated

“Blistering Years”, a term coined at our 20th anniversary in 1995,  is our name for the potted histories of our pilgrimages. They’ve just been brought up-to-date and can be found here. This page includes links to diaries of all of our pilgrimages over 40 years – somewhere for old hands to reminisce and future pilgrims to see what we’re really like.

4 thoughts on “Blistering Years Updated”

  1. Excellent start Aid… just thought I’d use this to verify this section is working.
    One other comment – can we pick some fun / scenic photos to use on these pages? Maybe for the Jubilee 3rd to 5th July … try to get in the photo of the pilgrims walking in from the poster + possibly Arundel?



  2. Great to have the Blistering Years right up to date. Makes me both happy for the memories and places we have been and sad for the people we have lost along the way – not literally though as the front markers are usually very good!

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