Catherine Scott RIP

Pilgrims will be very sad to hear the news of Catherine Scott who died in the early hours of Sunday, 30th October 2022. Catherine had been ill for some time and had spent time in care at the Royal Marsden Hospital, South Kensington before she passed.

Catherine, pictured here on pilgrimage during St Hilda’s Pilgrimage 2019, was also a member of the Ramblers.

Updated Funeral Details: Catherine Scott’s funeral will be at 11.00 am on Friday 25th November at Brompton Oratory on the Brompton Road, London SW7 2RP.

Tea and coffee will be served after the service in St Joseph’s Hall nearby.

May she Rest in Peace. Amen.

The following images are taken from the funeral service booklet and Catherine’s memorial card:

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  1. I have known Catherine since the mid 80s, way before my first pilgrimage. I knew her through a young adults group which met weekly in the cellar of Westminster Cathedral and then the 1986 Westminster Diocese Young Adults Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Catherine was an adult convert to faith. A gentle soul, she enjoyed her pilgrimages, come fair weather or foul, and was one of the most regular volunteer backmarkers. RIP.

  2. Catherine and I always used to recall our time at Sussex University, where we were both students. Our common link often crept into our conversations on the pilgrimage. Rest in peace, Catherine, and rise is glory!

  3. So sorry to hear about Catherine. I first met her when she joined the St Francis ramblers. What a gentle person – she was good company on the walks and at the socials. I don’t expect it’ll be too long before she rubs shoulders with the angels! God bless her lovely soul.

  4. Yes, that is sad news about Catherine. I remember having a chat with her. If I remember correctly, she did a station and gave us all something relevant to carry with us on the journey, such as a bookmark containing a prayer or Bible reference. Prayers and condolences to her family please.

  5. Sorry to hear of Catherine’s passing. One of the ‘regulars’ I walked & talked with on the 10 pilgrimages I participated in. My sympathies to her family

  6. Funeral Details: Catherine Scott’s funeral will be at 11.00 am on Friday 25th November at Brompton Oratory on the Brompton Road, London SW7 2RP.
    Tea and coffee will be served after the service in St Joseph’s Hall nearby.

    1. David,
      If I lived nearer I would’ve gone to the funeral. It’s been a while since I was on a pigrimage but I remember what a keen photographer your were: will you be able to take a photograph or two and post on the pilgrim site?
      I’ll have a Mass said for Catherine – possibly by the Brompton Oratory.

  7. What a welcome surprise to find out German pilgrim Norbert Muller is visiting his cousin who lives in my small town of Athens, Ohio, USA. We have been able to meet several times since his arrival. Last week we lit a candle after Mass for Catherine Scott. It was a pleasure to walk with Catherine on two pilgrimages. I really miss seeing everyone and deeply appreciate all the work and time that goes into planning and executing these pilgrimages.

  8. I’m Norbert from Germany and I’ve been a passionate participant of your pilgrimages during the last few years. Many thanks to you for your devoted work for organising these pilgrimages in England which is important and so appreciated. I am just visiting my American cousin in Athens / USA for some weeks and I had the chance to meet Deirdre, who lives here in Athens and who also took part in two pilgrimages before Covid (The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2018 and St Hilda’s Pilgrimage 2019). What sad news I received from you: I have learned that dear Catherine from London has passed away unexpectedly. It is difficult for me to find the right words, and I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy and wish her family much strength and hope during this difficult time. I fondly remember many beautiful encounters with her during our walks, including a memorable boat trip on the River Frome near Wareham with Deidre, Anne, Axel and her. I greatly enjoyed the Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2018. The visible has passed, only love and memories remain.

  9. I have updated the post with images taken from the funeral service booket and Catherine’s memorial card. The service was a traditional “extraordinary from” requiem mass, conducted entirely in Latin. There were over 100 in the congregation, including a handful of pilgrims and a good number of St Francis Rambling Club members.

    1. Many thanks John for letting us know about the funeral, her favourite charities and for the extra images and booklet.

  10. I’m sitting resting vacuming and checking on the web site. Get exhausted quickly from chemo.
    I was very saddened to read Catherine died. I didn’t know she had been unwell.
    I enjoyed walking with Catherine and I could have a laugh with her. Sad that life has lost such a nice person. Rest in peace Catherine.
    Howard New Zealand

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