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I’ve been holding this back on the assumption that there would be a newsletter at this time, but as I’ve had no content I should publish this news anyway…

Long time pilgrim Gillian McLauchlan asks for your prayers: she is undergoing treatment for bowel cancer. A few weeks back she reported “My 4th and 5th sessions were both delayed by a week due to low white blood cell count so they have reduced the chemo format. 5 sessions down and 7 to go. Still feeling well and looking good too, a bit breathless at times so I have to walk slowly!!”

If you want to get in touch, Gillian says she’s still at the same address, Pankhurst House.

5 thoughts on “Gillian McLauchlan”

  1. Hello Gillian,
    When unwell, i look to the foods that I believe will make me better. Herbal tea, honey, grapefruit, lemon. Most of all vegetables and soup.
    After that, I walk and do excercise. Even sitting alone in a garden makes me feel better.
    I write letters to everyone I know, even though, I await their reply. Even from someone like me whom you do not know and you will never meet.
    I often read the Bible. I often pray, not for myself but for those I love.
    I try to think of all the good things that I did. I try to ask forgiveness for all the bad things that I did.

    So write a letter to me. Tell me your wishes and disappointments.

    With Hope for your recovery,

  2. Dear Gillian
    I am so sorry to hear your sad news and OF COURSE my prayers will be with you at this time. I’m not sure whether it is easier to undergo chemo which is tough or to only have a few days after diagnosis before you die .We have been so busy with my sister Christine and the 9 days of hospital visits at the end of May. She went into hospital with what we thought was a D&V bug. However, a week of hospital tests revealed she had terminal oesophageal cancer which had spread to her bowel. She died 2 days later, on the morning of 30th May when her case had been discussed at Royal Surrey in Guildford. We saw the Consultant at 10am and the Paliative care team at 10.15am who had agreed she could be moved to a hospice; at 10.30am she died. This has been a terrific shock for us and we are only just coming to terms with it. Fr Nick Gosnell had anointed her on the Bank Holiday Monday and he conducted the Requiem Mass at the Cathedral of the Forces, Aldershot on 26th June, which was a great help for us.
    Do write to me and John at our home in Aldershot if you wish.
    Love and prayers, Carol xxx

    1. Carol,
      I have to say I feel a bit of a fraud because I continue to be asymptomatic and the chemo, so far hasn’t caused me any major side effects. I went public as soon as I was diagnosed – screening.
      The tumour is small but the problem is I have secondaries in the Liver! Thankfully the lump on the Pancreas is a cyst.
      So, I am out and about, busy as usual, one of these days I’ll sit down long enough to write a letter.
      At the end of last year, I think, I delivered Guild of St Stephen medals to your parish, popped in to say a quick prayer, the cleaners offered me tea & mince pies and said they would tell you I had been there.

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