Henriette Van Zaelen RIP

We have learnt of the death this week of Henriette Van Zaelen; she was suffering from lung cancer.

Henriette has walked with us for many years; she was also an active member (with other pilgrims) of the St Francis Ramblers.

Ramblers Obituary
This obituary appeared in the September issue of South East Walker, which is distrubuted to all Ramblers Association members in the South East

4 thoughts on “Henriette Van Zaelen RIP”

  1. Henriette’s first pilgrimage was Evesham to Salisbury as was mine. She was a person who gave generously of her time to her rambling clubs and many charities, especially before Covid, to the homeless at St Martin in the Fields. She also volunteered as a hospitalero, on the Camino di Santiago. For this she learnt Spanish to add to her English, French and Flemish. She also learnt basic Japanese in order to do the grueling Japanese temple walk in the most authentic way possible. A generous person with an inquiring mind and to the end an indomitable spirit who I much admired and will much miss

  2. I well remember Henriette welcoming me on my first pilgrimage. She was always a great source of advice, especially when I was planning my Camino. I enjoyed her critical wry view on life in general and her no nonsense but big hearted manner.

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