Isaac is walking the Camino

Pilgrims from a few year’s back will remember Isaac who walked with us over several years either side of 2010 (and will recall his sparring with Peter Doran). Isaac has sent the following request for support for a charitable venture he is undertaking…

Hello pilgrims past and present, 

This summer, starting from the second weekend of July, I shall be walking the 800km of the Camino de Santiago, starting from Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port, to raise money for a charity with whom I volunteer in Paris. This organisation, Utopia 56, works to support refugees and other displaced people in France in a political climate that is otherwise indifferent at best and outright hostile at worst– especially as in Paris the forces of the state move with brutal rapidity to ‘clear the city’ in the run up to the Olympic Games. We offer advice on applications for asylum, French lessons, recreational activities and, most importantly, tents and other materials.

These are people who have travelled thousands of miles in perilous conditions, and who are thrown from pillar to post upon arrival in what they believe will be a safe haven. In making a pilgrimage along the Camino, I hope to, at least symbolically and spiritually, walk with those who make much more dangerous and urgent journeys to safety. Any donations would be deeply appreciated, with the proceeds going to support the work that Utopia 56 does. 

You can make a donation at this link here:

You can find out more information about Utopia 56 here (in English or in French):

Thank you very much in advance.

Yours, in pilgrimage, 


2 thoughts on “Isaac is walking the Camino”

  1. Hi July is gonna be extremely HOT to walk the Camino… I have done it in May, June, July etc … make sure you book the Albergue in Orisson if you’re staying cos it’s always full (was £34 6 years ago B&B) worth staying as foods good and you meet people you are gonna meet again and again all the way to Santiago..

    It’s a great walk and enjoy…!

    Good luck…! It’s a beautiful and wonderful peaceful walk

    1. Hi Ginette,

      Thanks for your advice! Unfortunately, I cannot choose outside of July/August because that’s when the school summer holidays are– I shall just have to brave the sun and drink plenty of water.

      Much appreciated regarding the accommodation and all of your best wishes.

      Warmly yours,


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