Mini Pilgrimage – Final Details and Diary

We now have a diary page for the mini pilgrimage at

This page includes the itinerary (on the right hand side) and, at the foot of each day, within the “Walk Stats”, you will find a link to download the GPX file if you want to follow the route on your GPS device or compatible phone.

The diary is still empty (apart from some test photos!) and will remain so until participating pilgrims post content. If you are participating, that means YOU! There are 3 ways to submit content:

  1. Using Twitter, tweet a photo and a descriptive text (keep it short!) and mention @Pilgrimage2012.
  2. Go to and follow the instructions. You’ll need a password which will be shared verbally.
  3. Send an e-mail to deardiary at with a photo attached and the caption in the subject line. Photos submitted this way may not appear in the diary until later in the day.

For those not participating, the diary should start to be populated once we gather on Friday evening / start walking on Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Mini Pilgrimage – Final Details and Diary”

  1. Hello
    I’d like to thank the lady called Clare or Claire , who helped us out on the South Downs Way this afternoon. We were walking on a section of the Way, from Bignor Hill to Amberley and needed to return to our car parked by the big roundabout on the A29. At the SDW crossing on A29 the traffic was heavy so it would be dangerous to walk along beside the road. Clare was stationed at this point with refreshments for walkers on the pilgrimage, and she very kindly drove us back to our car. I noticed the pilgrims wore crosses with blue and yellow ties attached and I wondered if this was for Ukraine, and whether we could send a contribution for your funds? Please let me know how I can do this if possible.
    Best wishes, Sarah and David Hanna

    1. Hello. I was very happy to give you a lift back to your car. The crosses had the colours of the Ukrainian Flag so we could remember and pray for Ukraine on our walk and at the Churches we stopped at. It was not a sponsored walk, and suggest that if you wanted to make a contribution towards helping refugees, which would be so kind, you donate through one of the better known charities.
      I hope you continue to enjoy walking for a long time to come.

      Clare x

      1. Hello Clare, many thanks for your reply. I hope the pilgrimage went well, and best wishes for the one later in the summer. I’ve made a payment for Ukraine as you suggested. We hope to complete the South Downs Way during the next year, now we’ve made it to the halfway point.
        Thank you again for your help.

        Sarah x

        1. Thank you so much Sarah. Plans are coming together for our summer Pilgrimage. I really hope the Welsh weather is kind to us.
          Enjoy your walking.

          Clare x

  2. Claire is wonderful and has helped out many a stranded pilgrim!! Claire have you seen this?
    Glad you got back OK Sarah and David xx God bless.

  3. I have some very sad news which I have just received from an old school friend of Moya Armstrong. She and her brother Adrian came out on several past A & B Pilgrimages, most notably on the Martyr’s Pilgrimage. She has died and her funeral will take place at 10.30 on Tuesday 19th July at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Champion Road, Upminster, Essex.

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