Pat Donachie RIP

It is my sad task to report that another pilgrim has reached the end of their journey on this earth: Pat Donachie, with her husband Keith, was a regular from 1988 until 2011, and was much loved by us all.
On Thursday 29th Pat and Keith’s daughter Rachel posted on Facebook:

Yesterday, heaven claimed another of its finest souls. Proper Yorkshire through and through, our amazing Mum fought through illness right until the end. This photo was taken last summer – I love how she’s in front of all of us; smiling, enjoying every minute of being with the family she adored. She gave so much of her life to caring for others and set a life-long example to the rest of us. I’d like to think that the crazy weather and skies yesterday was Mum’s way of shaking things up as she joined all the other precious people up there in that ‘party in the sky’. Mum, the enormity of our loss is unfathomable, the gratefulness for the life you had and the love you gave is eternal ❤

I’m sure Danny won’t mind me sharing this happy picture of Pat with Keith on the pilgrimage:

Maurice broke the news on Facebook on Thursday evening and in the many comments the terms “lovely lady”, “good friend” and “she’ll be missed” recur. Pat was a true pilgrim, though the last few years had been hard for her; we pray that she is now at peace, and for Keith and all their family.

I will try to find some historic photos of Pat – if you have any please pass them to me and I will share on this page.

My personal memory of Pat is from the first day of the 2008 Salisbury Pilgrimage, when Pat got stuck in some very deep mud and we both got rather grubby extricating her. Memorable because Pat wasn’t normally one to be the centre of a drama – I remember her for her concern for everyone else’s wellbeing.

The earliest picture of Pat and Keith on the pilgrimage – 1988 at Annecy Achool, Seaford

Rest in peace, Pat.

7 thoughts on “Pat Donachie RIP”

  1. has anyone an email or postal address they could send to me ?
    Yes a great lady to walk with. have a lot of photos of Pat That is a great one with her covered in mud.
    Stayed with Keith and Pat on one trip. Sorry to hear of her passing Keith
    Howard Buxton

      1. many thanks for Keith’s email. Sorry to hear Pat has died . Walked with her many times.

  2. Rest in peace Pat, knowing that the angels will welcome you with joy. You gave so much joy to the pilgrim family. Xx Thinking of keith and the family at this sad time xx

  3. There’s no doubt in my mind that this kind and caring pilgrim will be travelling on the Angel Express to Heaven. Pat and Keith made me feel very welcome when I joined the pilgrimage for the first time in 1997 having recently buried my dad. Pat’s understanding and Keith’s jokes kept me going. Thanks Keith – I’m sad for you and your family and wish I lived nearer. Sending a giant hug and will pray for you all.
    Much Love,

  4. It’s great to read these comments, thank you! Mum and Dad had so many happy years on the Pilgrimages and Mum was at her happiest wearing those hiking boots! X

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