The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage

All the halls have now been booked with the exception of Exmouth on Wednesday 22/08/2018 where we are hoping to switch to Kenton and should be in place shortly. Our thanks go out to Chris Nussbaum, Clare Neal, Suzy Duffy-all new to hall booking-and Sue Adilz for their sterling work.

The route planners for each day’s walk have chosen their day and John Chenery is waiting to receive the results of their walkouts. Peter Whipps has asked planners to submit any information they find out about local transport connections that non walkers could use on their days. Likewise any information on churches on route will be appreciated by our church liaison team, Ann Lavelle on week one and Susan McCabe on the second week.

Arrangements are in place for our first day in Salisbury. Registration will be in St Paul’s church foyer and the induction service will be at the Trinity chapel in the cathedral. Clare Gamble has produced the poster and application form and they will soon are now on the website.

Ceri Potts has bravely come forward to take charge of the catering arrangements for the second week. Ceri will take charge of the evening meal while yours truly will look after the breakfasts.

Mary Fuller has informed me that Gill Henderson our senior walking pilgrim is receiving treatment for liver cancer and asks that we remember her in our prayers. She is currently staying with her daughter in Brighton. Let us hope she makes a speedy recovery and can join us for some at any rate of this year’s pilgrimage.

Francis O’Sullivan

9 thoughts on “The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage”

  1. All sounds very good. We are not able to join you this year as we are off to Switzerland with 400 scouts on 14 August. We will be praying for you all. God Bless you all.

  2. I amconsidering coming on this years pilgrimage.Iwould like to know whether any pilgrims new or old would like to walk the camino de Santiago with me in the near future

  3. I am considering coming on this years pilgrimage.Iwould like to know whether any pilgrims new or old would like to walk the camino de Santiago with me in the near future .I may have tried to get some companions before .This is a new attempt!

    1. Gary, I walked the Camino Primitivo to Santiago in May 2016, and from Lourdes to Burgos on the Camino Frances in Sept 2017. Next April I plan to finish the Camino Frances, starting in Burgos. I so enjoy walking these pilgrimage paths!

    2. Did you decide not to come on this years Pilgrimage then Gary or were you talking about the Camino Pilgrimage?

      Clare x

  4. Hello from Oregon U.S. : I had hoped to come this year with a friend but she is having to get a visa to visit England from India that is requiring time to procure. I had even purchased a portable wash basin! Regards to all and especially for the (volunteer) coordinators, I have fond memories of you all,

    1. Hi Rae,
      Wonderful to hear from you. We have very fond memories too and hope you will be able to join us if not this year then next. Take care.

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