Blistering Years Updated

“Blistering Years”, a term coined at our 20th anniversary in 1995,  is our name for the potted histories of our pilgrimages. They’ve just been brought up-to-date and can be found here. This page includes links to diaries of all of our pilgrimages over 40 years – somewhere for old hands to reminisce and future pilgrims to see what we’re really like.

The Reunion for all past pilgrimages from 1975 to 2015

It’s hard to believe that our pilgrimages have been running for almost 40 years, and we will be celebrating this anniversary with a special reunion in Farnham over the weekend of 10-12 April 2015.

All past pilgrims and their families are very, very welcome to attend. Bring your happy memories and any photos you may have.

Coming soon – Link to application form